Isofinish : an innovative insulation- and finishing concept

We are proud to present you Isofinish, an innovative insulation-and finishing concept for outer walls. Isofinish is supported by a very strong partnership between Recticel Insulation and Borgh, Deceuninck, Eternit, VMZINC and Wienerberger.


Powerwall®, the perfect panel fo insulating outer walls. Suitable for a wide range of façade finishes



The new insulation system for outer walls is an effective combination of Powerwall® insulation panels, adjustable screws and a choice of façade finishes. Powerwall® gives your home an insulation that is both sustainable, efficient and continuous and which go together with a wide range of aesthetic façade finishes such as wood, sidings, cladding, slates, tiles, fibre cement panels, zinc, plaster etc.

Thanks to its unique tongue and groove system, its light weight and compact size, Powerwall ® is very easy to install. Furthermore, the system is suitable for construction projects and renovation, and guarantees excellent thermal performances.

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